Why I Decided To Start Writing

Finally!!! I am writing my first blog post! Over the past years, a few people have pointed out to me that ‘I write well’ and should consider doing it often. The first time I got this feedback was back in 2009 from one of my ‘egbons’Kayode Kolade. I can’t recall the exact incident that made him share this feedback with me however I remember vividly that few days later on the 12th July, 2009 in front of my hostel, Mozambique, at Obafemi Awolowo University he gave me a journal and encouraged me to start writing (I remember this date because I still have the journal) .

“Memories are dear, your ink I dare” – the first page of the journal and Kayode’s words of encouragement – 😊 (Thanks Kainos Ktisis)

The second feedback I can strongly remember was from my friend Koye, I had expressed my opinion on a particular topic and when we had a conversation about it, he said “you know you write well right and your writing is so relatable”. Getting that feedback from someone who conservatively gives compliments, I had a huge smile on my face at the other end of the call.

                                                                                                          Koye 🙂

Finally and most recently, was from my biggest cheerleader (My husband, Kayode) who believes I can do practically anything and who also thinks I need to channel the passion I have when discussing issues I feel strongly about to something productive (I always ensure my voice is heard when I speak on topics I am passionate about)

                                                                                  My Number 1 Cheerleader 

Coming to terms with the burning desire I have to find expression , I have decided to take a leap into my writing journey. Maybe this way, my voice can be heard by more people…

This is a personal blog (I am not a professional writer) and I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences and insights in my overall life journey. I also will feature some of my favorite people to share their thoughts on various topics from career, family, finance, personal development, and other subjects. I am very open to your suggestions on topics you would like me to discuss or questions you have.

Like I strongly believe, our stories are all we have, and therefore something we should all own with pride. Welcome to my world and I hope we can connect, learn and share through this platform.

Let me know you read this…. I look forward to reading your comments.

With Love,