This is 30!

I never had a list of things I want to be by 30 or a checklist I have been measuring myself by but I definitely feel excited about this new phase and where I am today.

In my almost 30 years, I have experienced great wins- the type that left me in awe of my journey and I have experienced losses – the type that left me almost lifeless and without enthusiasm for the next day. I have laughed and I have cried; I have made mistakes and I have learnt but most importantly, I have LIVED. To be honest, I think I’ve largely lived a safe life; I have never been one to test fate and almost always made safe choices (sometimes I wish I took more risks – lol)

I definitely still have a lot more living to do and I am going into 30 with a lot of enthusiasm; I am hoping this is the year I live more and just maybe break more boundaries.

In the last few weeks, I have spent time reflecting and thinking about key areas of my life and decided to share a few of the things I am thankful for.

Family: I don’t remember a lot of things about growing up; however, one thing I know is that my parents always went the extra mile. I didn’t understand their sacrifices growing up but now I am in awe of their strength. They have always taken the center stage in my life and I am eternally grateful for the gift of such amazing parents and by extension amazing siblings who are my life. My family has been and continues to be a huge source of love and inspiration for me and today especially I am grateful for them.

Love & Marriage

I am a firmly cautious person and I approached my love life with this principle. I have been in only a handful (actually less) relationships over the years. In 2 months, I will have been married for 4 years and would have known Kayode for 10 years ( this is still shocking to me) but I would not have wished for a better outcome for myself. Oh, how I love this human! He has been such a huge force in my journey and beyond all the love I experience, the biggest thing I have enjoyed in our union is peace. They say who you marry (if you marry) plays a huge part in your life’s success and happiness and I am grateful for the choices that led me to my home.

Friendships: I have always had a small circle of friends across various phases of my life. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to have few people I can trust and count on and who can expect the same of me. In recent times, when I think/talk about friendships what comes to mind is my ‘NOK’ clan. These 2 individuals are one of the greatest gifts of my adult life, they have cheered me on through various life wins and have held my hand through difficult times. Our friendship has spanned seasons and phases and they are definitely a huge part of my continuous journey. I am also grateful for my broader community of friends who are a part of my journey. Shobo,Lola,Kemi,Tomi, I love the bond and the memories we’ve shared over the years.

My Career: Cautious as I am, one area where I have felt the most comfortable to take risks is my career. Whilst I absolutely love what I do, I have always seen a job as what it is – an opportunity to add value in exchange for monetary rewards. I have been very privileged to work in amazing organizations and with people who have impacted me significantly and helped shape my world view. I am grateful for my career journey and the amazing opportunities I have had over the years and I am looking forward to more growth and challenges.

My Faith: I have had an interesting faith journey – I have been hot, cold and everything in between. I have been angry and confused – I have had questions I couldn’t seem to get answers to. I have expected my good deeds/behaviors to score me points and absolve me of any misery; forgetting that even the Bible says – “in this world, you will have tribulation…” but time and time again, I have always found my way to my source and I have always felt stronger. I feel enveloped in a love greater than any human can give and a confidence that ‘it will all end in praise’ regardless of life circumstances. I know there is power beyond us that controls the world and I am glad of where I am now in my faith journey and excited for more amazing experiences.

So much I want, yet so much I have. I have learnt to exist in gratitude and live each day thankful for the gift of life and all the numerous blessings I have been gifted with.

Of the numerous things I want to be, the most important to me is to be kind. To be a ray of light to everyone I come in contact with and this is my primary focus going into 30. I am happiest when I make other people happy and with a desire to maximize my happiness in my 30s, I will actively seek avenues to put smiles on the faces of as many people as possible and live a blissful life.

20s was amazing – now 30s…. let’s do this! Happy Birthday, Oluwanifemi