Welcome to this week on Life as I Go. I hope you had a great week? For me, the week went by really fast with hectic work schedules and I have been taking the weekend to get enough rest ahead of the new week.

One of the highlights for me this week was receiving the below report sheet from home 🙂 It was my report sheet from my first primary school back in 1995 when we were living in Kaduna before we moved back to Ibadan. Even though I don’t have any vivid memory of that time, this put a huge smile on my face….

P.S: I will never understand why there is a but before ‘she is brilliant” though – 🙂

In today’s blog post, I am shining the spotlight on my day job. As you may know, I am an HR professional by day and I have had such an amazing experience working across great organizations over my 7+ years in HR.

When people ask me the question, “how did you choose HR?” (considering that I studied Geography in the University), my default answer is always that ” I didn’t choose HR, HR chose me” and thinking back at it, from day 1, it has felt like a match made in career heaven. So, first things first, shout out to my first HR boss – Chisom O for taking a chance on a scruffy fresh graduate that I was back in 2013 and hiring me as an HR intern at Procter and Gamble.

Early Career Days

Now to the gist of the day, I always come across a lot of HR slander on social media platforms – statements like “HR is not your friend”, “HR folks cannot be trusted” etc; These statements usually generalize HR folks as villains in organizations. Whilst I understand that for a lot of people, the perception is as a result of direct or indirect experiences, I also think it is important to shed light on two points I think people sometimes forget in their interaction with the HR folks in their organizations.

  • HR is also an employee: From my experience, a lot of dissatisfaction people express about HR folks is rooted in the popular tendency to place people who work in HR on what I think is an unnecessary different pedestal. I agree that some HR folks may present themselves with an air of false superiority or as a saviour of some sort but the fact is that just like you, HR folks are also employees. They were hired and are being paid to do a job just like any other employee ; and even though they are the usually the Harbinger of bad news (e.g. terminations), nothing excludes HR folks from being at the receiving end of these decisions and we are not immune to decisions that impact the overall workforce.
  • The Impact of HR in any organization is driven by the business priorities: The primary function of an HR practitioner is to partner with the business to achieve its overall goals and objectives. This includes how the company’s workforce is structured, compensated and motivated. So yes, you want HR to fight all your battles, ensure you get the right salary increases, drive engagement in the workplace, provide training and learning opportunities for you and all the other fancy things we want at work but it is important to remember that the extent to which these can be done is dependent on the value that the business places on its workforce. Putting it simply, if you work in an organization where people are not considered the most valuable assets in the organization, there is little or nothing the HR person can do and vice versa … and always remember the first point ….He/She is also an employee and affected by these decisions.

With these few points of mine, I hope you will think a little different about HR folks in the future 🙂

On a final note, I want to share a song that blessed me so much in the last week. It is titled ‘Graves into Gardens by Elevation Worship’. It was shared with me by a family friend last weekend and I must have listed to it over 100 times since then. It is such an uplifting song and I hope it inspires you like it did for me. Below is a direct link to the song on YouTube. Wishing you a blessed week with much love.