Over the weekend, I was listening to an episode of Oprah’s super soul conversation with Howard Schultz, who at the time of the interview was the CEO and Executive chairman of Starbucks, and one of the questions she asked him in the interview was “Without the title/label, who are you?” …. and I found myself trying to answer the same question for myself πŸ™‚

I gave a quick thought to how I would describe myself without all the titles I currently hold at home, work, and generally in life and the first answer that came to my mind is I am a kid from Ibadan. This absolutely describes how I feel at my core – an Ibadan girl making her way through the world.

I made a mental note in that moment that I never want to lose that girl regardless of whatever level of success I attain in the world.

That girl who loves to laugh, dance, love and has a deep yearning to make the world a better place.

Sometimes, it’s easy for us to forget who we are without all the societal titles/labels we have grown accustomed to, whether as parents, siblings, children or even in the workplace. I hope you take a minute to remind yourself of who you are at the core and remember to nurture it.

May you never lose your sense of wonder.

Wishing you a great week ahead