The birthday blogpost is a week late but I guess it’s better late than never 🙂

This time last week it was my 31st birthday and I was basking in so much love. From calls to visits, gifts, prayers and a surprise party … it was a wholesome day filled with so much joy.

Birthday joy with the assistant celebrant
Church meet-up with a few of my favorite people
Birthday bliss with a fave

It feels just like yesterday when I wrote about my journey to thirty here. On the eve of my 31st birthday, I spent some time reading my thoughts from 1 year ago and was fascinated that a lot of things hadn’t changed. I am still grateful for the same things and still have the same desires like I did last year(for the most part). In the last year, my enthusiasm was tested in various ways but like never before I am filled with gratitude.

The highlight of the last year for me was my baby sister’s recovery from her lupus diagnosis. It was a challenging couple of months for her which she documented here. I am extra grateful for her smile!

Extra grateful for my sister’s smile
No birthday without a birthday cake – especially one from Salt Lagos
Did I mention it was day filled with so much laughter ….

Now to Thirty-One

The below quote by one of my favorite people – Maya Angelou summarizes perfectly my desire for the new year:

“To have the courage to be the human being that I can be and to encourage people to be the people they can be.To try to be no ones enemy/foe, to refuse to be anyone’s victim and to be a friend to all human beings.”

Here’s to thirty one and to laughing my heart out every chance I get ❤️